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Default Re: Which scenes had you(r) cheering/heart racing/mouth open/tearing up/etc.?

Originally Posted by SPider-T0rch View Post
Yes but your post had nothing to do with the topic and it obviously was aimed at people that enjoyed the movie. You're free to hate the movie but why bring that hatred to a thread that's solely for what the titles says. Where in the title does it say "Troll the people in this thread that liked the movie"? If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say it especially if thread isn't catered to your opinion of the movie.

Back on topic, the one scene that really got me was after the invasion when Sam and Epps are entering Chicago. It really hit home that this was a bit more serious than the previous 2 movies.
I agree that the tone of the movie was more serious than the first two.Prime did what he had to do because of the stakes and he knew if he didnt it would all be over.

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