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Default Re: Which scenes had you(r) cheering/heart racing/mouth open/tearing up/etc.?

for me it was when Sentinel brutally killed Ironhide. There was a thread at tf2005 about who should replace him in the next movie. I would like to see Kup myself.

At the end of the movie when Prime says "we will never lose our faith in this planet or its people" my heart soared and is soaring now as I write this after coming home from seeing this film again. A few questions and I hope this thread is ok- should Optimus have fared better against Sentinel? Did Optimus hold back again? After Sentiel tore Primes arm off and was about to deliver the killing blow could Optimus even with his back turned have seen the strike in time to somehow get out of the way and keep fighting?

Overall I love this movie and want the series to continue even though all three films have had their faults.

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