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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by KyleDW2 View Post
Oh for the love of...

WB and DC is not going to lose the rights to Superman. The heirs won't be able to do anything with what they get. Their parts of Superman, alone, are not profitable. They get one issue's worth of content. WB has 70 years of development. Do you think anyone will want a character that can't fly, can't shoot heat beams and doesn't have any of his rogues gallery? Marvel already has that character. Its called the Sentry. Oh, wait, no, he can fly.

If the heirs get exactly what they want, here is what will happen. WB will give them lots and lots of money. The heirs will take that money. Then both will profit on what Superman brings in. In reality, this case is not about who controls the character. Its about how much money WB has to pay the heirs to make them go away.
If Toberoff wasn't involved I'd expect an eventual settlement, but his presence is the problem. It's not JUST money, it's 45% ownership of the character. The heirs would own 55%, Toberoff 45% and they would license it to WB/DC for a fee. You know they'll never go for that, and it'll be years before a settlement is reached unless he is out of the picture somehow.

Originally Posted by merced View Post
As I said, even if there is an agreement there is no incentive for WB/DC to invest heavilly in the classic Superman cause they lose exclusive rights to him in less than 20 years.

IMO WB/DC will continue to develop a "new" character they completely own for 75 years to come rather than throw good money after bad into a short term investment which is what the classic Superman is now. Both for WB/DC, the heirs and Toberoff.

If there is a resolution I expect DC will continue a classic Superman line but the focus will shift to a new, re-imaged Man of Steel for the new century. Financially that is the only way to go given how relatively soon the classic Superman goes public.
Yeah, business wise it is hard to argue against what they are doing.

Originally Posted by KyleDW2 View Post
So...the theory is that WB and DC are throwing all the money and talent they have into one Superman movie...only to go in a completely different direction directly after? And they are rewriting Superman's origins...only to ditch the character in a little while because continuing to write him would be too hard?

Is it just me, or does everybody else see that this makes no sense whatsoever?

Also, Superman will never go public. All of your doom and gloom theories are just that. Theories. Like how the moon landing was faked.
I don't think Superman will ever go public, but it is certainly not unprecedented that they take him in a new direction and then change this will be the 5th new origin in the last 10 years.

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