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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
If MOS is somehow a huge success, and it raises the value of the Superman brand...they'll be more money to fight over regarding settlements et al. That's the big irony about this whole thing.

I don't see it so much as WB treating this as a one-off with no desire for a sequel, it's just that they're prepared not to continue with it if things go the way they've been going. You could have appeals spanning the next 5-8 which case no one would have full control over anything, but nothing would be produced because every effort would feed yet another lawsuit, counter-suit, appeal, and so on.
Obviously WB's wants to pay the heirs as little as possible, but I also think that while it is in litigation or is being appealed, WB would find a court that would allow them to continue using Superman as is. IIRC The guy that sued Ford over the intermittent wiper patent, didn't stop Ford from using that feature while that case was being decided.

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