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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
Batman can also apply such pressure.
Prove it, but also realize Captain's brain is like a super computer, so it does process information and well flatout everything in mere seconds, so theres that.

Batman wouldn't murder Captain America. My point is that, while using Metropolis's entire power grid stunned Superman, Captain America wouldn't survive such an attack, because he's not invulnerable like Superman. My point is Captain America's far closer to Batman's level than Superman's level of power.
That doesn't mean Batman would even dare to do such an attack or even manage to do so, you once again try to make an argument withouth anything that backs up your opinion, you haven't manage to show a single indication why Batman would win over our Super soldier, wheres theres plenty of reasoning shown why Captain flatout destroys Batman.

I am not stating that Batman will win, rather that he can win.
Booring, and again you need to prove it.

I will definitely tell you that Captain America can beat Batman, but the reverse is also true. It maybe decided by who hits first and with what. If Batman blinds Captain America with a flash-bang or a smoke grenade and kick him in the head, knocking him out, then Batman win. (And yes, he has knocked out a superhuman with a single kick, Deathstroke, in this case)
1st of all your'e using Superman|Batman Annual #1 which is a comedy issue with Deadpool and others in it, is this whats come down to your arguments? Using parody issues as your evidence? Why don't you just say Bat-mite would murder Captain America? It's the same argument really, using comedy as a serious argument.

Also how do you get Batman to kick Cap in the head? Faster reflexes and as Captain can see bullets in slow-motion, that goes for other peoples movements, so he can see the muscle movement going. Smoke grenades? He isn't going to tear down because of some gas or tear gas stuff, he's a Super soldier and that doesn't effect him. Flash Grenade? He uses his shield to cover it.

All done with superior reflexes and thinking.

From the strategic and tactical standpoints, they are equal.
Nope. Captain America goes far more tactical and strategic and in the actual combat when it comes to alot of super villain fights. Captain America is the better commander here.

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