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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by 1qsp View Post
they were sold in hottopic a while back they arnt for sale anymore but i have one i could sell you PM me
PM'd you.

Originally Posted by Sonic1002 View Post
Thank you, Indy!
And 1qsp is correct. It's the blue Tripp hexagon shirt that was sold at Hot Topic for a period of time, during the halloween of 2008, corresponding with TDK's release.
Oooof course I miss the boat on that one. >_>

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Just wanted to check in and see if anyone ever found a correct replica of the Nurse Joker outfit? Any help would be appreciated. Also, out of curiousity, were any touring photos of the outfit ever displayed?
Padawantoine has the closest it seems and I don't think the outfit ever went on tour because I have seen absolutely nill photos.

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