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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Perhaps it takes a foot in the industry to appreciate another group of peoples work (the animation aspects in TF are top of the line after all).

Maybe that's why Nolan has been mentioned as being a fan of this type of work, perhaps that's why Cameron has been on record saying nothing but good things about the style. Perhaps, my sig needs to be read by more people. Why is it such a big deal to everyone what kinda films you enjoy, or tell everyone you's very lame in my honest opinion.

Guess what, I enjoy Mac & Cheese! I know!
It's not quite french gourmet but I really like it, and not just because I'm cheap. The weird thing is I've taken some cooking classes and stuff and yet I still "support bad food." Isn't that insane.

People need to stop acting like what they enjoy (and enjoy talking about) makes them a greater or lesser person, especially on forums. By the way, comedies are almost by definition flawed films if you look at them in certain ways...better be careful not to let anyone around these parts know you enjoy those.

cartoon film thingies eh...thanks I guess.
Art is subjective, it's hard to define a "bad" film.
I wonder if you would support a Bay helmed Superman film, chock full of stupid, needless characters like Transformers. Lois Lane would be some super hot model with zero acting skills, and every scene with her would be filmed like a lingerie commercial. She would exist only to say supportive things to Superman, and never do anything useful herself, except pop up at the end and give Lex a peptalk, tricking him into saving Superman by attacking Darkseid.

Superman would be barely existent in the film, and Clark would be the main character, stumbling around like a buffoon (moreso than Reeve's version and without the charm), and getting into whacky misadventures with random, unneeded characters that contributes zero to the main plot.

Superman would only appear after Lois or Jimmy spend about 20-30 minutes running from enemies, escaping from falling buildings, or some other hazard scene that runs overly long. Superman would swoop in, save their asses, then fly off after saying some noble, or badass line.

BTW, the climax of the movie would be 45 minutes of nonstop, state of the art action, but with Perry, Lois, Jimmy and a random assortment of comic relief characters just running from the main villain. Superman appears towards the end to face off with the final villain, but instead of a climatic final battle, Superman instantly defeats the villain and the world is saved.

Rinse and repeat for sequel.

That's basically what Transformers 2&3 were, but replace Superman with Optimus.

BTW, did any of those directors give a meaningful critique of Bay's work, or basically just say, "He films action well", or "Is a good visual director". Basically just blanket statements of feigning politeness and nothing that describes his work as a whole.

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