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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by El Bastardo View Post
Haha. Yeah, this.

Art is not subjective, by the way. How much one likes a piece of art is subjective, by its very nature of being an opinion. Art is quite objective, in all its forms in every medium. Good writing vs. bad writing. Good filming vs. bad filming. Good art vs. bad art. But oh, you'll never understand.

I don't know if anyone has trashed Bay's action sequences. I haven't read far enough back in the thread. But I'm not. I'm saying the movie is bad. Why? Because it is.

Bay films good action sequences. They're clean, crisp, lacking any of that very bad-bad-bad "shaky camera syndrome" that was going on for a few years. They're vibrant, energetic. Colorful. Other good stuff. At least most of the time.

But there's the rub, right? This isn't an action sequence. It's a movie. Just because the action sequences are good does not make the movie good. The rest of the movie is quite poor, from writing to direction. Scenery's pretty. I still like most of the cast, other than that weirdly-shaped face of who replaced Megan Fox. It still hits a few moments right, but those are mostly relegated to the few moments we get of Sam with Bumblebee. Those few moments are all that's true to the original movie. The rest of it rings hollow, even more so than Revenge of the Fallen did.

Best part of the movie? Either Sam-'Bee moments, or Sentinel Nimoy spouting a Spock line.
I would even go as far to say that a majority of the action scenes in Transformers do suck. Yes, they're engineered well, but there's no emotion, no sense of danger. Just underdeveloped, trite characters running around avoiding stuff while the cool characters (Autobots) are offscreen.

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