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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

1. dont u guys dare make fun of LATINO HEAT MEGATRON (and his poncho of doooooooooooom).

2. DEEP WANG was epic .

3. NO Anthony Anderson WTH, they give a brotha a government job in BAY 1 only to make him not appear in the sequels ? wtf.

4. the fact that OCRI did a crappy job renaming the PREDACONS (rumblers or whatever >__>) in the highway scene (RAZORCLAW/RAMPAGE/HEADSTRONG) then the robot chicken who we all know is DIVEBOMB because Lazerbeak was a sniper/espionage expert at best. not a solo act.

i am glad to have 4 of the predacons in this , who were atleast true to the PACK mentality which is more than i can say for TITANIUM NUTS and his pyramid assault in BAY2.

5. how can any one say a bad word about John .. he is a batspit crazy actor , id buy it if he played a older HEATH-joker in a final batman movie.

really he OWNED sam with that look he shot him "NYUKAH PLEASE " expression during the interview

6. bay did film the scenes with BUCKTOOF AND GOMER (the twins) but he cut them from the final version. just look at Where Michael Bay Will Bet You $25,000 That the Twins Aren’t in TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON

7. NO ONE brought this up yet so ill do it : IN 4 YEARS there have been a fingerfull of autobots arriving on earth YET when the CONs conquer the world they have small jets and zepplins .

cut to the end of the movie you really expect us to believe 9 autos FEND OFF an entire INVASION ?
also the Cons had a strong military force and when the control was destroyed everything disintergrated ? even those on Earth WHAT THE FRAK ??
this is TWILIGHT (CRAPPY BEYOND WORDS) writing at best

8. in the poster i laugh my @ss off because sam has a panic look on his face like Prime is gonna do Tenatcle stuff to him

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

ok im Done

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