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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Its been a week since I have seen this & I am still trying to figure this out. The Deceptions knew of Sentinel being on Earths moon so they get there before the U.S. does & then take & hide a bunch of Pillars on Earth. But I am guessing this was Megatron doing this on his own. Then he goes to Earth looking for the Allspark after hiding the Pillars but he ends up getting frozen. If Megatron & Sentinel made the deal with each other before Sentinel left Cybertron then why shoot at his ship in the intro ? Unless that was just a ruse to make sure that the Autobots did not know of Sentinels betrayal & Sentinel & Megatron somehow knew that Sentinel would crash land on Earths Moon ? They should have explained that bit a little better

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