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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bonjourbeaux33 View Post
Alight guys, I need some help.
So, my boyfriend is being Heath!Joker for this upcomming New York Comic Con and I'm in charge of his costume.I know that to get really really good stuff, i'm going to be paying an arm and a leg. Now, I AM willing to pay a decent amount for the stuff needed BUT nothing too extreme. If one of you kind Gents can point me in the right direction for decent quality but not anything too expensive, i'd be a very happy girl Please and thank you!!
P.S. have socks, gloves and a tie already SO.. >_<
Well let's see how I can narrow it down:

Coat: I made mine by dying a trench coat purple. Then, I took out the inner lining and stiched in orange lining (that's the inner color I think?). Or you can buy a replica off of Magnoli, eBay, or something else but I hand made mine

Vest: I bought mine from a clothing store that was close enough to the design, but you'll have better chances looking for it online.

Pants: I can't really help here, I had the convenience of purple pants lol

Shirt: Buying it online is how I did mine. Couldn't find a pattern to make one myself

Face Paint: I mixed mine with a dirty white paint and some flour to give it a powdery texture but also with a firm paint look to it

Eye Paint: I took black paint and shoe polish, mixed it, and smeared it

Hair: Tough one. It's a lot more convenient if you have hair like Heaths. If not, I bought a similar wig and dyed it with a brown and green.

If these don't help out, I'm sure these guys know a lot more about it than I do. It's incredible the outcome they produce

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