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Default Re: The Batmobile in TDKR III

Higher than 50/50 IMO towards the side of WB changing it. The toy & merchandise department for this franchise has been a prevalent part. I know Chris Nolan has a lot of control but I certainly believe that certain stuff like that always takes precedent for WB/DC just look at Green Lantern.

Thankfully though they've done a good job with Nolan's bat series. I know a lot of people worry we won't get a new batsuit redesign but this time the side of the pragmatic norms for making money off juggernauts like this will give us a new design at least for the batsuit. Nolan is a good enough writer/director to make it work.

That's just my view on things. That's one thing I'll remain very hopeful till it's all said and done. As for the batmobile it can go either way that I'm not sure about. There is chance though seeing as TDK technically left that option in the air.

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