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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

I would like to start by apologizing to Drz for the name-calling. That was immature on my part, and I am sorry. Mea culpa.
Originally Posted by Drz View Post
Prove what? That you lack the basic information and wikias and wikipedia aren't good enough? Well the amount of times i've had to correct you pretty much proves my point. His brain activity? Paul Jenkin's Captain America Theater of War #1 and Mark Millar's Ultimate Comics: Avengers #2 are good examples (and recent) to show Captain America's brain.
This is the source I have been using, and it doesn't list this ability under the powers section. It lists his powers as these:
Physical attributes enhanced to peak of human potential
Expert martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant
All-terrain acrobatics
Master tactician and field commander
Vibranium-steel alloy shield

Unless we are talking about Ultimate Captain America vs Batman, then examples from the Ultimate universe are not admissible without evidence that it also applies to the 616 version.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
Do i see a hint of anger in your post? Well first Batman doesn't annihilate his opponents, even Darkseid the very god of evil was the only person that Batman broke his gun code to wound him and free Turpin's body from Darkseid, but he wouldn't use a city's electricity or a gun towards a Super soldier, he hasn't done that with the likes of Bane or Catwoman, why would he do so now?
I never said, nor ever meant to imply, that Batman would do these things to Captain America. The point, the only point, was that Captain America is quite mortal, he is vulnerable, and can die, unlike Superman.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
Why Captain America flatout destroys Batman? Because he's faster, stronger, more tactical advanced and can process the whole battle, it's environment and his opponent faster then Batman, since he can see bullets in slow motion when in combat, the same does apply for batarangs, grenades and the opponent's movements in general applying Captain America the edge as he can "predict" the next movement based upon the muscle movement of Batman.
His power list on Wikipedia makes no mention of such abilities.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
Saying he can do something isn't much of an argument.
It seems to be your argument.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
Is that censored word suppose to be an insult? Don't get yourself banned over a internet debate. I don't see how Batman breaking a window is helping Batman at all.
The point is that it's a feat of strength, the window is designed to sustain a blast from a bazooka with only a scratch. The fact that Batman almost broke such a window means that Batman is quite strong. I can also find one where he knocks out a superhuman with a single punch that could break a normal man's skull.

In this example, he already has done so to the superhuman in question, and is instructing Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) to do likewise if he wakes up.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
He's faster than Batman, so againts Batman he can defend himself with his shield and his battle combat. I mean if you wanna take Kurt Busiek's words when he wrote Batman vs. Captain America, it did have Batman admit he'd lose if the fight would continue, because Captain America's raw strenght and stamina are the edge that make him win. Batman would get hungry, tired, sleepy and whatnot while Captain America would simply be the same as the battle began.
Yes, Kurt Busiek was going to have Captain America win, but that would be because it would have been a very long fight. Also though, the way that a scenario plays out once isn't the way it would be guaranteed that it always play out.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
It's thick, but i'm more curious how did Captain America even let this happen and why would he stand around the smoke? Considering i've told you about his faster reflexes and how he can see things faster and thus react to them faster with his brain, how does he even manage to allow Batman to
1) Continue fightning. :P
2) Take a smoke pellet(s) out of his belt
3) throw them to the ground
4) stand in the area where he threw the smoke.

Thats the bigger mystery here.
Captain America is not the Flash, he cannot run over and knock Batman out before he finishes a thought. He need allow Batman to do such things, he could easily do so if, for example, he were at a distance from Captain America. Again, his power list makes no mention of him even having any sort of faster reflexes, and if you pull out Ultimate Captain America, then I preemptively call ********.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
I have and so has everyone else. Captain America is a super soldier, it's been shown in this entire discussion. Tell you what, take a cool breathe, read this whole topic and then make a response to everyone.
The thing is, again, according to Wikipedia, he is only peak human, with the exception of stamina, and the like. Batman is nowhere near the extreme disadvantage you seem to put him at, and if he was, then how would he have kept up with Captain America in their hand-to-hand combat session in JLA/Avengers? By your calculation, he should have been on the floor unconscious by panel two.

Originally Posted by Drz View Post
Who do you think has lead the Avengers in their darkest hours for the most of the time? Who was it that stopped Norman Osbourne's reign? The Avengers led by Captain America. Who was it that lead the Avengers againts the Masters of Evil for the 1st time? Captain America. Who was it that lead the underground Avengers againts the Superhero Registaration Act? Captain America. Who has lead the Avengers for the most time, has been looked up as the greatest hero of all time? Captain America.
I'll admit that gave up on Marvel Comics after the One More Day/Brand New Day debacle, so I didn't read Dark Reign, but I know that it was incredibly stupid. If the people of the Marvel Universe would allow a known psychopath to have control over such power, then they may be beyond saving. I don't think I have ever purchased a new comic from them since. If it weren't for my stock in Disney/Marvel, as well as there adaptations in other media, then I wouldn't care at all. Anyway, I think you forget that Batman is highly respected in the DC Universe as well. I think Superman even said that he was "the most dangerous man in the word" once.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post


Debate this thread topic RESPECTFULLY or not at all. Next personal attack, or calling somenone a "fanboy" insultingly, will result in an infraction.

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This post was brought to you by Godzilla.

The more you know.

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