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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Dotten View Post
As an ex-soldier and long time Prime-fan, I must say I did'nt like how Optimus commited war-crimes. Excecuting unarmed and defeated soldier like that is way out of character. Did not like it, like killing a prisoner of war. Although understandable (the impact a war has on a man makes them do awfull acts), I always expect Optimus to be a leader who does'nt lose his freakin' mind like that. Then again, he's alien with different ethics than a human-soldier.

That is not the hero Optimus I played with 20 years ago. So I like the more "pacifist forced to pick up a gun" G1-version over this. Still had a great time with the movie.
he's changed
two movies ago he was one way, years later he's this way.
who'd have thunk.

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