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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
Unless we are talking about Ultimate Captain America vs Batman, then examples from the Ultimate universe are not admissible without evidence that it also applies to the 616 version.
I'm sorry but since when has it mattered what universe Captain America this is? You in Superman vs. Batman constantly bring out Frank Miller's Batman and you don't see anyone telling you "you can't use that! Mainstream Batman would never go that far!" and i did mention Paul Jenkin's work, and that Cap was during the world war 2 so his powers have only gone up since those days.

I never said, nor ever meant to imply, that Batman would do these things to Captain America. The point, the only point, was that Captain America is quite mortal, he is vulnerable, and can die, unlike Superman.
Batman's not going to wortally wound anyone, he isn't going to be shooting his legs simply because Cap could heal from lost kneepads.

His power list on Wikipedia makes no mention of such abilities.
#17 Volume 5. Brubaker's run.

The point is that it's a feat of strength, the window is designed to sustain a blast from a bazooka with only a scratch. The fact that Batman almost broke such a window means that Batman is quite strong. I can also find one where he knocks out a superhuman with a single punch that could break a normal man's skull.
Or it shows some heavy fan wankery?

In this example, he already has done so to the superhuman in question, and is instructing Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) to do likewise if he wakes up.
Who is that guy even suppose to be and how is the situation allowed to happen? Not to mention Cap has gotten punches to the face from Iron Man, who do you think hits harder?
Yes, Kurt Busiek was going to have Captain America win, but that would be because it would have been a very long fight. Also though, the way that a scenario plays out once isn't the way it would be guaranteed that it always play out.
But it's Batman who admits he would lose, can't you take Batman's word for it?

Captain America is not the Flash, he cannot run over and knock Batman out before he finishes a thought.
That depends on the distance.
no mention of him even having any sort of faster reflexes
Considering Captain America has fought the likes of Wolverine, Black Panther and well, honestly let's use this example instead:

This is a visual example of how fast he is and how good his reflexes are, this is Jack Kirby Captain America tribute to the core.

The thing is, again, according to Wikipedia, he is only peak human, with the exception of stamina, and the like. Batman is nowhere near the extreme disadvantage you seem to put him at, and if he was, then how would he have kept up with Captain America in their hand-to-hand combat session in JLA/Avengers? By your calculation, he should have been on the floor unconscious by panel two.
DC fans would have torn the comic apart if it had a Marvel character overpower DC's most popular character with a single punch. Captain America in the fight doesn't use his shield, it was all fists and legs between the other, just like Batman wasn't using any gas grenades or sonar batarangs.

I didn't read Dark Reign, but I know that it was incredibly stupid.
Don't judge a book by it's cover, thats a dumb move to make because you miss out good stories simply because you aren't fond of the premise.
I think Superman even said that he was "the most dangerous man in the word" once.
Yes to White Martians who we're taken down by fire, by Grant Morrison.

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