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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by bell110 View Post
Only Voltron.
Thundercats was anime too, since its animation was done by Japanese artists. There are other series like Robotech (Macross), and older series like Astro Boy and Speed Racer that you probably didn't realize were anime to begin with, and if you watched Cartoon Network's Adult Swim then you probably saw other anime shows like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Gundam MS08.

Anyway, as for the topic at hand, I think Optimus Prime had to right to kill Decepticons since technically it was for self-defense (after Decepticons were in a position to destroy the humanity), but the lines that he uttered like "We will kill them all" and to pretty much execute Sentinel Prime when he was essentially begging for his life and in a non-threatening position does made him seemed a bit...out of character. I just don't like to see the Autobots being rather helpless without Prime's presence, though; I thought they made Optimus Prime too powerful and others not enough.

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