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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Thundercats has that anime style found in other Japanimation series, just like the recent Marvel Anime series that are to be released on G4.
Having a style and being the actual thing are 2 different things.

And the Marvel Anime is being written and produced for the Japanese market.The characters and stories are being re-invented and introduced for a Japanese audience first.
It shouldn't matter if it was written by American writers or not.
It certainly does.The show was wrtitten and produced by an American company with the American masrket in mind, it took its cues from American culture in how it was presented.

By your token, if He-Man was written by Japanese writers, it should be considered an anime series?
If it was written and produced by a Japanese company, with a Japasnese market in mind then it would be anime.

DBZ, Pokeymon, Death note fit that bill, even Marvel anime fits that bill because Marvel is leaving all the creative aspects of the shows to Japanese writers and producers so they can " re-imagine" the marvel characters.

The original Transformers and Thundercats dont fit the "anime" lable because they were written and produced by an American company with an American market in mind and took its cultral cues from American cuture.

The fact that they out sourced the animation to a Japanese animation studio does not make them "anime".

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