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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Have you seen the cartoons?
Yes, I've seen G1, Beast Wars, and other Japan-exclusive shows like Headmaster and Victory. But Bayformers =/= TF cartoons. And Megatron went from kicking Optimus Prime's ass all over the place after coming out of deep freeze in TF1 to getting owned by him in less than a minute when Prime only had one good arm in TF3? And I thought the fact that Megatron had to team up with Blackout and Starscream in ROTF to beat Prime in ROTF was ridiculous.

And here is my personal gripe of intent in action.

I'd understand if one said the writing didn't give Shia enough attention to have us "feel sorry for him," though I'm not sure they ever wanted us to be crying for his blight. But I've heard this numerous times now, how can someone in such a great (social) position be down, and why should it matter to us?

The Kings Speech just won the Oscar in spite of this very crux. Imagine a critique about how stupid it is to feel sorry for a European king dealing with a bad social or personal time of his life? He's a King! Hey, it's fine if it bothered you, me, myself, I could relate fully. I thought it was rather poignant and a brief commentary on the state U.S. employment at this time in history.
Not sure how Sam's situation can be comparable with King's Speech. Btw, for all Sam's lamentation about his poor substitute of a car, I guess not everyone can get used to ordinary cars after driving a freakin' Transformer for so many years.

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