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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
why are we doing that argument now?
All I said was that if people didn't have a problem with character strength consistency in the cartoon, why should they have one now?

...oh that's right because cartoons didn't have an ass hole director.

But now that you bring it up;
I do remember waking up on Saturday mornings to see jive talking robots, mixed with hick and Asian and even south Bronx talking robots doing and saying silly, stereotypical things. I remember naked bi-peds running all over the place, more ass shots than I can count to be honest. I remember robot farts and other bodily functions.
I don't ever remember hearing the F word in the cartoons though, you've gotta hand it to bay on that one, I know you can only drop the F-bomb once in a pg13 film and he really pushed the envelope on that....damn does the man not know the meaning of restraint. Now he's gone an offended everyone
Yes, character consistency don't always exist in cartoons, comics, and other long-running storytelling medium, but obviously movies are a different matter and just because we accept Spider-man having clones and made a deal with the devil and wipe everyone's memories of his revelation as Spider-man, doesn't mean we'd accept it in the movies. We won't have defended movies like X3 and Batman & Robin by pointing out that in their long history in the comics, those characters have done much sillier things to justify the films' lack of quality. I don't think Transformers should get a free pass, either.

I thought it was a cool fight, I thought all fans did.
Someone told me they just figured the optimus of old wouldn't cut loose in a city full of people. Whereas in the forest he was especially driven based on principle. As for what happened in TF3.
Megatron is a walking corpse, his own crew probably doesn't even fear him anymore.
I don't understand why Megatron would become so pathetic in TF3, just because he lost in TF2 and got battle wounds to show for. He's a freakin' ROBOT, he can be repaired or even augmented. And Megatron basically were useless in TF3 until the final fight, when he decided to insert himself into the battle after Carly touched a nerve with a few choiced words. Basically, he can be written out of the movie and then showed up in the last 5 minute, and no one would've noticed.

simple, just because he's "rich" doesn't mean he can't have troubles.
ergo the king George comparison.
I just think if you don't really care about the character, you won't care about their troubles, either, esp, if he was sleeping with a Victoria's Secret model.

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