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Default Re: Optimus Prime's characterization (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Yes, anime style can be copied, which would also be considered anime in terms of influence.
It can be considered "anime like" but not true anime.

Thundercats do have that style, from the look of the characters to the signature kinetic action sequences you usually found in other Japanimation shows, that's why I think they can be qualified as anime.
Again qulified as "anime like" not true anime.Besides, some of what you just cited as influanced by anime I wouldnt.

Thats why its a perception argument.

It's like Disney has their own styles, and we can usually trace the look of modern cartoons or shows back to the old Disney if they were influenced by it.
Influenced maybe, but you wouldnt call those works the work of Disney studios.
As for the da Vinci thing...I think modern artists can certainly copy his artwork and styles, just like they can with Monte, Van Gough, and other legendary artists. If we see an artwork that copies da Vinci's signature style, we would give credit where credit is due, and that is da Vinci, not the artist who copies his style, won't we?
And that credit would be addressed by saying da Vinci [who ever] inspired/influanced the artist.

But we wouldnt say da Vinci [who ever] was the artist.

In saying Thundercats is anime you are saying the copycat is an originasl.

It is nmot, Thundercats may have been indpired by anime, but it is not anime.

I don't see how this line contradicts my statement. You think that line means the animation must be made in Japan only, but only applies to the writer and producer, but not the artists.
It contradict your statement because it applies to the product as a whole.

Anime is not just the artist, writer or producer but the product itself as a whole.
And one more thing: If writer and producer alone determine whether an animation can be called an anime or not, then Marvel shouldn't have called their upcoming animated series as "X-Men Anime", "Iron Man Anime", etc., since they may have hired Japanese artists who drawn Marvel superheroes in anime style, but the rest belong to Marvel.
Actully the rest does not belong to Marvel.

Marvel has given these studios all rights to rre-create these characters to fit their Market.

Marvel has no creative control.Yes, they own the characters....but they arent involved in the creative process

Anyway, I think in the end, we can agree to disagree re: this topic.
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