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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Yes, character consistency don't always exist in cartoons, comics, and other long-running storytelling medium, but obviously movies are a different matter and just because we accept Spider-man having clones and made a devil with the devil and wipe everyone's memories of his revelation as Spider-man, doesn't mean we'd accept it in the movies. We won't have defended movies like X3 and Batman & Robin by pointing out that in their long history in the comics, those characters have done much sillier things to justify the films' lack of quality. I don't think Transformers should get a free pass, either.
All understandable, but the issue of someone being more or less effective in a fight based on circumstance is hardly a stretch. Superman almost always works on this principle.

Kryptonite renders him useless, then it just stuns him, then depending on if lois needs him or not, it has no effect. Then if he's mad he can beat up doomsday, then depending on if it's wednesday he can't. It's all circumstantial if even that. What remains consistent is that Lex Luthor isn't beating him in a foot race. But weather or not he can go toe to toe with darksied really depends on the day of the week and his state of mind.

Optimus probably has it in him to take out the entire con squad if his back is against the wall, but he could just as easily be taken out by a well placed missile. It's always been that way, why complain now?

Batman maybe be the top pure martial artist in the DCU, but that doesn't mean he can't be put down by 4 thugs on an off day. I think Optimus' prowess was best represented in part 3. This isn't the same issue as giving a free pass to spider clones.

I don't understand why Megatron would become so pathetic in TF3, just because he lost in TF2 and got battle wounds to show for. He's a freakin' ROBOT, he can be repaired or even augmented. And Megatron basically were useless in TF3 until the final fight, when he decided to insert himself into the battle after Carly touched a nerve with a few choiced words. Basically, he can be written out of the movie and then showed up in the last 5 minute, and no one would've noticed.
Megatron is not only crippled, he's mentally and spiritually defeated. Gone is the Sovereign that tore Jazz in two whilst perched on a building top. I think it's interesting...I can understand it bothering fans.

Secondly, not all injuries can be fixed, especially when your on the run and especially when you don't have a medic bot around. Take a look at bee's voice.

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