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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by moviedoors View Post
He thought Optimus Prime was ineffectual in the movie? Seems pretty obvious to me.
I was referring actually, to the blanket statement he seemingly closed with.

Considering the title of this thread, I'm not sure why more people aren't mentioning said scene. However to say Optimus was ineffectual during the movie would be akin to the same out cry that was generated after the first movie, later giving the filmmaker incentive to "over power" the character in the opinion of many. Really take into consideration what Optimus was seen to do in this film and re-evaluate your conclusion.

As for the scene in question. It bothered my date as well. As a fan I can't see how such a thing doesn't bother you, but as a movie goer it just comes with the territory. Sometimes the hero ends up in a bind that could go either way. With bayformers, this of this nature tend to backfire on epic proportions.

Why it doesn't bother me (personally)
-Optimus isn't a natural flyer(I doubt the same would happen to star scream
-Construction/building cables of that nature can hold a lot more than the weight of a truck, wrecking balls come to mind(sorry if I offend anyone with that word)
-Optimus has on a lot of extra tech, enabling his movement(on his back and front, and his wings are wrapped, it's not a simple jet back he's wearing.
-The cables are wrapped around his arms and legs effectively crucifying him.

There's a few more points that I brought up at the time that are escaping me at the moment. Sure it's ironic that he has super heating blades that can possibly cut through steel cables, but that's all for nothing giving the nature of the cables. For example what good are adamantium claws if you're wrists are crucified? Like I said I don't care if it made people go "uhhh really?"
I do however care when people tie such a thing to blanket statements like the one you referenced. Me personally, I think it could have been handled better, I also think shockwave and SS should have been pressed the attack on him at that moment and the wreckers could/should really have saved the day. The execution of several things could have been better but like I said before, the intent (optimus incapacitated) is fine by me. I have a feeling a lot of people just hate the idea.

Again, it's easy to say why didn't he cut himself free, the thing is, it's just as easy to say the opposite. Given this is Bayformers, why even bother right.

Moreover, this is hardly the first time a hero has been circumstantially ineffective where he should have been otherwise. Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, happens everywhere and all the time.

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