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Default Re: The Batmobile in TDKR III

Originally Posted by riskproductions View Post
This is at least the second report of them using the camo tumbler. If someone was making it up, they wouldn't use the camo version. I think this, or at least the news of the camo tumbler being involved at some point, is legit.
It could be a flashback of Bane working on the prototype, which is another reason why he's so interested in who Batman is, and links him back to Bruce? Or it could be the other prototype that they had to dig out, so he can get another Tumbler?

He [Batman] has this one rule, as the Joker says in The Dark Knight. But he does wind up breaking it. Does he break it in the third film?

Christopher Nolan: He breaks it in...

Jonathan Nolan: ...the first two.

The History of Batman Killing in the Comics
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