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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by El Bastardo View Post
He had a sword and an axe, both of which he was able to produce at points in the movie (in the case of the blade, also in Revenge of the Fallen and, I believe, the first movie) either from his arm or from somewhere on his back out of nowhere, kind of like the old days of video games where you could run around with no weapon showing and then POOF, weapon.

I'm pretty sure he could manage that upside-down.
I remember he had a bunch of gear in his trailer, I don't remember the axe coming out of his arm. I just recall the single sabre in this film. As scene in the super bowl spot.

being pretty sure he could manage something is pretty far removed from validating a statement about intent to make craptastic films...but that's (apparently) just me.

Also, I made no blanket statement, thank you very much. Do you know what a blanket statement is? No, I made just a statement - a statement designed to mock.

Also, ineffective is fine, given situation and context. Laughably ineffective to the point where it becomes character development throughout the movie is not fine.
I assumed it meant a generalization with little evidence. But I should have known that it was simply to mock, hard to take anything seriously when bay's involved.

I'm curious how you've come to this ineffective conclusion. Optimus did the best he could with what he had and very much in line with his source material. This isn't Chris Nolans batman we're talking about here, Optimus is actually like he's always been though some would say he may need some more pacifism in his language.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.
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