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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
I've just never really seen film as documentary, if they say nasa has a space craft that can do ground to air lift offs from the surface of a comet, i chalk it up to science fiction and i'm done with the matter. Especially in a disney movie. Now when all if said and done, they went and said based on a true story that would be another matter.

Just about all the jargon in even the best of star trek is made up science fiction so I can't even begin to imagine where one would logically start to cry foul. I thought that space jump was dope, almost as cool as the wing suits actually. (I think bay ripped it off but one up'd it in the process so it's all good).

Personally I think a movie about a shuttle landing on the moon collecting samples and trying to get back to earth is more creatively lazy than a revisionist history with 80's kids properties to boot. However well done it is.

It's an interesting dilemma the responsibility a filmmaker has to follow rules when dealing with pure sci-fi, or anything for that matter. Should these same rules apply to fantasy as well, like LotR or Potter...which one of those is just lazy for not following the magic logic and would they be better for it, because as it stands they just do whatever the hell they want and "to hell with anyone else." It's a doozy.
The minute it's not fantasy it does seem to have an effect on some people. dr Degrasse Tyson wont shut up about it.

Hmmm...I think it's not so much abiding by "rules" per se (rather than the ones the movie itself sets in place), but rather the "suspension of disbelief". As in, how much do we as the audience need to suspend our reflex to not believe what is happening on the screen to accept it in the story.

Here's a nice explanation (funny enough, there's an example for Armageddon and Star Trek):

When it's science fiction, any number of outlandish things can be made up (Star Trek, Spider-Man, etc...) and we as the audience accept the logic of the situation as long as the story, from that point abides by it's own set of logic and doesn't deviate. War of the Worlds comes to mind, where all electronic devices were knocked out by an EMP but somehow someone got video footage of an alien transporting to it's craft underground. So the movie wasn't following it's own logic it had previously set up. I thought the movie was OK otherwise and things like that are generally nitpicks.

In movies that are based in our world that purport to abide to our laws of physics and science, with no supernatural or outlandish points or elements in the story, the suspension of disbelief still stands but it becomes more apparent when the movie pushes the boundaries (apparently ships lifting off from asteroids) I haven't seen Armageddon in like 11 years, so I don't remember all the inconsistencies or whatnot.

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