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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by RouthIsSuperman View Post
Sucker Punch is one of those films that you really have to "get" before you can really enjoy it, as far as the story goes. The visuals were outstanding to be sure of, but I think a lot of the hate comes from the fact that a lot of people just don't get it. And when people don't get it, they automatically says it sucks. I realize that there are some people that do get it and still say it sucks, but you get what I mean. Does that make sense?
Snyder actually said the same thing in an interview I watched the other day.

That basically the people who were giving it bad reviews hadn't actually even commented on the point of the movie, whereas the people who had picked up on the fact it was a comment on genre and filmgoing in general, had given it good reviews.

For me, the reason it's lacking isn't because I didn't get it. I totally get it, which is why I say I think the 'idea' of the film is fantastic.

But other than Babydoll, I found I didn't care about the other characters. I didn't care when they died.

And it's also really hard to engage with action and get excited when there is no real threat... You know it's a fantasy, so there's no tension.

That's what made the film a little 'boring' and why the first time I watched it, I wasn't engaged enough to finish it. I just didn't really care what happened, and I think once you've watched at least half of it, you've kind of already got the point of it in a way.

That said, I'm glad I did watch to the end, because I found the ending with babydoll after the lobotomy one of the most exciting bits, and having Sweet Pea be the only one to escape was a nice twist, and fit the character they'd establised her to be (she didn't really belong lost).

It's gorgeous visually (if a little video gamey at times), cast very well, and it's an exciting and original idea.

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