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Default Re: A New Director After Nolan?

As a long-time Batman fan and a HUGE fan of Batman 1989 (it was the thing that introduced me to Batman and movies in general), I love Burton's work and liked what he did for his take, but I don't think there's any reason he should direct another Batman film. That would be like moving back in time. Besides, Burton's probably got his plate full.

Personally, I'm more into the idea of a new director coming in and doing his take on Batman without having to abide by the rules of the world Nolan created or trying to emulate what he did. Perhaps it could use Nolan's films as backstory, so we don't have to see another origin film, but beyond that, I say do something different. Maybe a vision that allows us to see villains we would have never seen with Nolan in charge? Or maybe even a Gotham City that's more stylized, like in the comic books or the Animated Series?

Either way, everybody knows who Batman is and I believe the character has reached the point where WB could just release a Batman film, even if it doesn't follow a certain film chronology. I don't think that there really need to be any specifics as it pertains to future films. There are so many different things that can be done with the character. Maybe that director needs one film to tell his vision, maybe he needs two. After that, a few years later, another Batman film comes out and one that may not have anything to do with the previous two. I think that opens up the possibility of seeing lots of different takes on the world of Batman.

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