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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by DorkyFresh View Post
um....DBE is on it's own level. the only other movie that even approaches DBE's level of mishandling is SF: Legend of Chun-Li but it's not even close. i personally didn't care for Sucker Punch, but it was handled MUCH better than DBE was.
The only thing Suckerpunch has over DBE's head is sheer production values. For all it's problems (and there are uncountable ones), DBE from a purely technical filmaking standpoint in many ways is better than Suckerpunch for the simple fact that it has things like: character development, a narrative, a clearly established antagonist, etc.
Now I will in no way argue that all of those items were any way other then horrendously....but at least they were handled.
Conversely, suckerpunch rambles incohrenently back and forth with no coherent story or growth to it's characters at all.
They were both some of the worst movies I've seen recently.

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post
A film can have a message but it can still be a bad movie.
"Lady in the Water" comes to mind.

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