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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by sepharih View Post
, DBE from a purely technical filmaking standpoint in many ways is better than Suckerpunch for the simple fact that it has things like: character development, a narrative, a clearly established antagonist, etc.
Now I will in no way argue that all of those items were any way other then horrendously....but at least they were handled.
Conversely, suckerpunch rambles incohrenently back and forth with no coherent story or growth to it's characters at all.
In fairness, some of the greatest 'films' of all time have had non linear narratives and no definite establishment of character.

I get that it doesn't work like that for Hollywood films, but if Snyder had put this idea into an arthouse film, or an independant film, maybe we'd be looking at it differently and it'd be a cult classic... But then maybe it wouldn't have had all the cool effects.

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