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Default Re: Scenes in the movie that made go "Uhhh really?"

Originally Posted by TheZink View Post
Sorry, should have read "can't be technologically and historically accurate and entertaining"

Watchmen was an alternate reality completely and still tried to remain somewhat "realistic" Trust me, the movie (and the comic) had its fair-share of plot holes (Dr Manhattan's creation for one).
sure and TF3 tried to be "realistic" as well...if you're going to ask why did they do it for TF3 one would answer, the same reason Moore did it with watchmen, because it's interesting and it has an audience. People like revisions, especially of american history. TF1 probably owes a lot of it's appeal to the approach. But like you go on to say in your next stanza, that's not really your issue. I just don't like leaving questions unanswered(plot holes)

I didn't ask why use a historical event, I asked why change it drastically for no real reason? And change to something that couldn't have possibly happened?
If they had told us "Hey, a spaceship crash landed on the moon and we went to investigate" I could buy that. If they added "Landed in a deep crater and is covered by moon rock and debris, making it barely visible by use of telescope" I could believe that.
The reason being that it's new, fresh, different and has a tangible hook. That first teaser communicated to the laymen intrinsically what otherwise would have just been another movie about a crash landing and it's subsequent investigation(involving transformers). I assume this dark of the moon concept has never been done before? For good reason I'm sure.

In the film the crash itself is detected by everyone who's looking, but how often has is the far side of the moon actually been walked, let alone seen?(I know some slingshot missions have seen it). But it's pretty much a mythic un-ventured frontier that's so close it's haunting. You ask the point? Well as a producer, making a hasbro movie are you going to use the high concept selling point of the celestial undiscovered land that's a cultural milestone or the lesser ship in a creator angle? Especially when your source material derives from a saturday morning toy commercial from the 80's that only 12 year olds watched even though many say different.

Speilberg didn't make the film with the purpose of having any aerospace lab coats that happen to have some free time on their hands pull out their check list and give the film a passing grade on accuracy. He made it for the same people that gave all the b.s. in his Indy movies the thumbs up. That's literally why, and I hate assuming peoples intentions.

Wasn't there a plot point about the Russians taking photos but never actually visiting themselves? Probably for the same reasons they haven't ever in real history...

Saying "It landed on the dark side of the moon, all you know about orbital mechanics, communications with the Apollo mission, etc etc means jack ****" I don't buy it.
I don't by Nolans dream tech in Inception.....many do.

Exactly, so why not do something that makes...sense?
1. Because the former concept is a better sell than the latter
2. Because it doesn't matter if it makes technical sense...not when it's fiction.

I take it you've seen Sunshine.

I'm sure they do think it through, but how much of their work is then changed by producers and directors? And is it really hard to make things consistent from movie to movie, or hell at least throughout ONE movie?
Alot, but not for lack of you unappreciating their effort...
and it's harder than you think yes.
Just ask Jim Cameron.

There's glaring inconsistencies in each of these movies (RotF being the worst). Do they just not care, or are we just that good at pointing them out?
Most movies have inconsistencies, they're usually non issues and when they're not they become cultural discussions for it.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
-James Mangold.
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