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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Here's some clips I found on YT of the Elfman interview at the Grammy Museum back in June. I couldn't find Clip 2 maybe whoever posted the videos lost it or forgot to post it. The stuff Elfman talks about isn't really anything I haven't heard before. In fact, some of the things he talks about are in the book of the Elfman/Burton 25th Anni. Music Box. And I was hoping they had a clip of him discussing how he and Raimi had patch things up.

Here's two other videos I found on YT. Looks like somebody leaked some music from the Elfman/ Burton Music Box. The first video is the unused song demo "Erased " from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. It's all performed by Elfman himself via synthesisers. I talked about this when I gave my thoughts on the music box, but once again it's a really touching and sad song that would've been interesting to hear in the final film performed by (Pre-Sweeney) Johnny Depp. I also like how the song makes good use of the main theme. Very well done.

The next song is another unused song demo performed by again Elfman with guitars by Steve Bartek. This song was inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas obviously. I don't know if Elfman wrote this for the film or it's album or for one of his band's albums at the time. B/c it definitely sounds like Boingo especially at that point in the band's career. I like it b/c of that reason. I like Boingo's songs very much. This definitely felt more like an unused Boingo song than an unused Nightmare song.

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