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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
It was a bomb, but yeah. Merdith is great in it and the ending is classic. It was one the episodes that helped define the series. My personal favorite episode. He also starred in "Mr. Dingle the Strong," "The Obsolete Man," and "Printer's Devil." The former two are also great and I haven't seen the latter.
I've seen all three of them. Burgess seemed to be a bit of a favorite on that show. That's why they kept asking him back.

Originally Posted by Hobgoblin View Post
Burgess will always be the Penguin and Mickey but I will also remember him as the profane as hell, uber sexually charged old man from Grumpy Old Men. Nothing like hearing a string of sexual euphemisms from a 90 year old man.
He was hilarious in those movies.

Jack Lemmon: "Someone moved into the old Glickner place. A woman"
Burgess: "A woman? Did you mount her?"

Incidentally I think Grumpier Old men was the last movie he did before he passed away.

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