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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

We watched the special edition of Superman: The Movie last night. My five and three year old girls have seen the DC animated stuff with Superman, they've watched Superman the animated series and some JL/JLU, and the Fleischer shorts, but they hadn't watched all of "the real Superman" as they call it.

My wife hadn't watched the entire movie in probably decades. They loved it. My wife usually mocks episodes of the original Star Trek series when I watch them because they are "cheesy," but she really enjoyed the movie. My daughters were amazed and wanted to watch it again.

The 70s aspects are really not that prevalent at all (to me, Superman II is more dated, to say nothing of III and IV) and the epic sweep of the movie overcomes any elements that are locked in to a specific time.

I agree that Superman The Movie remains the greatest comic book movie adaptation. There have been great films since (Batman Begins, Batman 89, Iron Man, Watchmen, Sin City, Hellboy, Blade to name a few) but no superhero movie has captured the spirit of the character in quite the way this film is. That sense of optimism, nobility, charm, innocence, and true heroism is what comic books are all about, and modern SFX will never be a stand-in for these.

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