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Default Re: Batman III: The Untold Story That Takes Place After Returns

Thanks for the responses.

Bruce is going to be the anti social, lonely billionaire type of guy. But that doesn't mean he isn't going to be seen in public occasionally, just like in the first two stories. It seems like deep down inside he wants a woman to live with him in his castle for the rest of his life. However his commitment to fighting crime gets in the way. But that doesn't stop him from falling for someone. This time his relationship with the love interest will really test Bruce Wayne. However the outcome will be quite different. And let's not forget that he will have a teenager living with him. It sounds like a lot but there will be a decent balance.

As for Batman, the people of Gotham are afraid of him in the third act. At this point they really don't know who they can trust anymore, especially after Harvey Dent's transformation. You also have the Riddler (who is a bit darker) and his men.

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