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Default Re: What should come next? Transformers 4 or a reboot?

I want a reboot in tone and story. The designs are ugly but as people noted, regular folk and some fans of the material like it enough. No need to change them.

But EVERYTHING else needs to change. For starters, the one thing the cartoons, comics, and animated movies have all over these films is...they're about Transformers. These movies are not. They're about people reacting to Transformers and it simply doesn't work. I don't care what people say about the g.i. joe film, the film was about the joes! Not how average joe felt about when Paris was getting torn about. Not about the guys on the camel who Zartan killed. That's the biggest problem. Humans should be the background and supporting, not the other way around.

The horrible humor needs to go away. The Decepticons need to have some kind of actual dialogue going on. The autobots needs to have more emotion. Optimus Prime needs to stop being a bloodthirsty thug. We need someone who cares about these characters running the show and not just "action and explosionss!" I want to see the kind of devotion and care given to x-men and spider-man etc. given to these characters.

The biggest problem with these films is that the Transformers are not just "robots" they are an alien race and should be treated as such.

I'd rather see a total reboot, but i don't think it's time yet so yeah, reboot everything about it except the designs.

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