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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

I just platinumed this. It was pretty fun, much, MUCH better then the Thor and Green Lantern games. The story is fine and I thought the graphics were pretty good.
You can quite clearly see the influence it's had from Arkham Asylum. The combat is the biggest similarity although the free flow really doesn't work anywhere near as well as in AA.
Chris Evans was very good as Cap and the game has definitely made me even more excited for the film.
However, like many of you gave said, definitely rent it or wait until the price is much lower as it is very short. I got it in Friday and completed it 100% today in one playthrough. Luckily I got it on Amazon at the lowest price I had seen it for at £25.
Some of the trophies/achievements are pretty strange in comparison to Cap as a character. Like what has been mentioned on IGN, collecting ceramic eggs (and a rooster at one point!) and smashing statues and causing explosions. But if you are a fan of collecting trophies or achievements, they are all very simple to get.

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