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Default I Believe in Harvey Dent... Three years later.

Three years later, I STILL believe in Harvey Dent...

But I'm a little curious on what people on the whole "Harvey Dent dies but Two-Face lives" theories. I personally think he's alive. The death in the film is only symbolic and not a physical death.

In the words of Harvey Dent/Two-Face himself, "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." It's very clear that's EXACTLY what happened... The person in the body, essentially, did not die. He became a villain. Harvey Dent lived long enough to see himself become Two-Face. At the death at the end, if you notice, Harvey's face was facing up and the burnt side was on the ground. His arms were out to the side and his legs straight in a symbolic Jesus/martyr fashion. The death that we witnessed wasn't the death of the person, but the symbolic martyr death of Harvey - "The White Knight" of Gotham City.

In addition, at the memorial service for Harvey, there was no casket to be seen. Thus, no body to prove the death of Harvey/Two-Face. As the movie was coming to a close, he was no longer that "White Knight," but a villain fueled by revenge--Two-Face, the disfigured, mourning killer. The death that we saw was the symbolic death of Harvey, and the birth of Two-Face.

Plus, Batman was the only one that could have killed him, and remember Batman's only rule?

Harvey Dent is dead.
Two-Face lives on.

People who support the idea that Harvey/Two-Face is dead do so mainly on the idea that 1. He's laying motionless on the ground and 2. It's written in the shooting script "Dent lies at the bottom of the hole, his neck broken. DEAD." BUT... People fail to realize that 1. The script is only a blueprint for a film, not a bible. Just because it's written, doesn't mean it will be scene. The film is intentionally ambiguous about Harvey's/Two-Face's death both because the duality of his death makes sense for the character and the story, and also leaves the possibility for seeing the character in future films. In addition, it's quite possible that the filmmakers left it ambiguous since Heath Ledger's death during filming made The Joker's return less of a possibility. 2. The very next line in the script says, "The coin stops spinning, GOOD SIDE UP." This suggests that Harvey/Two-Face is alive because the coin says so. It's ambiguous in the script also.

Let's not also forget that Two-Face says so himself in a hospital scene...
Detective Wuertz: Dent. Jesus. I thought you was dead.
Two-Face: Half

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