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Default Re: The Official Zack Snyder Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
Dude I really think he will. I just came from the IMDB Man of Steel page and his crew has me really looking forward to this. Awesome assembly of talent. I also watched a behind the scenes vid of Watchmen and its graphic novel artist was so pleased about how Synder brought so much attention to detail to the movie from the book. Even though I've read the book and seen how much the movie mirrors it for myself, it was nice to hear the artist of the novel so excited about Zack. Plus I've been listening to Tyler Bates' music as I type this and I am officially a fan.
Exactly. Besides, with Christopher Nolan producing, its going to be Epic, honestly I really wished Zack Snyder would've done Green Lantern instead. It would've been such an epic film. We could've gotten much more action and much more scenes in OA fosho.

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