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Default Re: The Sam Jackson/Nick Fury thread

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
So, how do you think they're going to handle his tenure in The Howling Commandos during the war? Specifically, why he doesn't look any older than he did 60+ years ago? I know in the comics it's the Infinity Formula, but I think for the sake of keeping the story less cluttered, they should tie it into the SSS somehow. Either have it that Cap gave Nick a blood transfusion after a serious injury, and it wasn't discovered until later that a Super Soldier's blood can act like the serum if it's transfered to someone with a compatible blood type, or have Nick take the place of Isiah Braddley in the movie cannon.
Marvel wants to limit the number of ageless characters in the movie canon: "I think what we wanted to minimize and Marvel definitely wanted to minimize was the number of people who essentially don’t age or travel through time. So you’ve got a 100 year old Nick Fury and a 90 year old Cap and all of a sudden it gets very odd." ( So it's doubtful.

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