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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

Originally Posted by frodawgg View Post
His post made PERFECT sense. He was saying that, although Maggie is a superior actress, it was painful to watch her in TDK. Your response came across as that you thought the casting was reversed
My response came the way it came because the subject of the thread is to compare both actresses, not just talking about one.

Originally Posted by frodawgg View Post
and you were correcting him, although I know that wasn't the intent.
Then if you know it's not the intent, what was the problem?

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
She was an ADA, and she was at the right age to be one, too. My friend went into law, and was an ADA at the age of 27.
I don't remember talking about her age but what she looked like.

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
I think I prefer loving to hate someone, over just simply wishing they'd shut up because i'm bored.

If i'd been watching that death scene and been ethusiastically yelling 'Just die already' it would have been better than '*yawn* is this bit over yet?'

At least i'd have been engaged in the scene
An nap before the movie could also help.

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