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Default Re: The Official Captain America Critic's Review Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Godman View Post
i stans corrected...this is one of the great attributes of being mature. we accept our faults. For the first time i stand corrected about RT. I still have a huge fear about how i may feel after midnight showing since it has been compared to Thor by many or slightly better and to me that is far from a good thing as Thor is MEDIOCRE as hell. I personally am not a fan of comic book movies that are not above 80% ive realised. I tried to like Thor, but yeesh it was too campy for me and i pray Cap Am isnt that way too. based on the clips im not impressed at all, but lets see.

Like why would those guys with the flame throwers just surround him with fire instead of straight up roast him head on. he couldnt have survived that so i dont get it in movies sometimes how they give up logic for a cool angle or what not. anyway...we'll see. ill be honest about my feelings on it after a viewing
Perhaps the guys with flamethrowers had orders from the Red Skull to capture Cap, not kill him. Not having seen the movie yet I can't say for sure, but that's what occurred to me. Realize that we see these clips without the necessary context to judge what is occurring.

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