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Default Re: The Official Captain America Critic's Review Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
This is an amazingly unpredictable film, with regard to many critic's reactions.
eg: Owen Gleiberman, the Entertainment Weekly critic who leans quite liberal and avant-garde in his film tastes, loved the classic corniness and earnestness of the movie.
Go figure.
I think thats the great thing about the "classic greatest generation" values that Cap seems to portray in the movie; whether your left wing or right wing or right down the middle, humility, sacrificing yourself for those in need, the willingness to keep getting up after being knocked down, genuine sincerity, you can't deny the goodness of those values.

And for what its worth pretty much every James Bond villain had bond dead to rights and he somehow slipped out every time. How? because it's a james bond movie. Although I think here its more a case of the red skull wanting to use Steves body for his own, because skulls is all ****ed up. Didnt he try that in the comics?

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