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Default Re: The Official Captain America Critic's Review Thread - Part 2

Hi, I'm new here but I have been following this site along with CBR ever since the Rotten Tomatoes fiasco 2 days ago when they kept re-tweeting how rotten Captain America was after only 5 reviews.

I decided to retweet reviews I found on this site and others since.

So much so that I actually pissed off Rotten Tomatoes themselves, and they even took to responding to my tweets:

From @RottenTomatoes

@CBMovieWatch It's not a WB order to screw with Cap; we're just trolling conspiracy nuts. Umad?!/RottenTomatoes/status/94112393986187265
From @RottenTomatoes

@CBMovieWatch That piece is so far from the truth it's actually pretty funny.!/RottenTomatoes/status/94154744746098688
They replied to me with "U mad" LOL, pretty immature aren't they!

It's funny that they actually responded to my tweets as if they were threatened.

Thank you guys for making this easy for me and re-tweet those positive reviews to counter what Rotten Tomatoes had been doing the first 2 days.

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