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Default Re: The Official Captain America Critic's Review Thread - Part 2

OMG!!!!!! MEDIOCRE MEDIOCRE many plot holes and what not...i think its the least inspiring of the bunch. WTF are the critics watching for this to be anywhere near a 70%??????!!!!!!!! I dont think i can watch another Marvel movie until Spiderman as that actually looks good and more grounded with realism.

How did Steve Rogers gain his skills? did he train? worst montage based lazy directing EVER. First half was BRILLIANT, then it got into Batman and Robin territory with camp camp and camp. The movie didnt know if it wanted to be a dramatic serious piece epic, or a live action cartoon...very anti climatic cinema.

How did he learn how to throw the shield with such perfection? did the sirum alter his brain? how did he learn espionage and stealth or fighting techniques or how to fly an enemy craft let alone ANY sort of craft????!!!!! when he was a scrawny guy with absolutely no fighting skills or training, how did he become so skilled and gifted in combat training and go head to head with a presumed military head, red skull, who is a capable general etc???? HUGE plot hole. How does he certainly know acrobatic manuevers or how to leap from car to car like a free runner? people train years to be that proficient and good. Hell, Batman Begins spent a good portion of the movie making us believers of Batman's techniques and skills. This movie doesnt even spent a SECOND on any of that.

That is a MAJOR issue in lack of character development and what cartoons do just to get to the hokey pokey action which in the end was all generic and mundane.

Also if that metal is so rare and the LAST of its kind, why would it be used on a random prototype shield that wasnt even gonna be used? what did stark expect Cap Am to defend himself with??? Im also trippin on how he learned to throw the shield with such precise aim and angling and how does it come back to him? why and how does it bounce off people in that manner and actually make it back in the direction it came from? thats HORRIBLE story telling...seriously?

and sadly i kind of prefer the more skin tight outfit used in comic books that was displayed prior to the main suit. It looked like captain america. maybe not so practical, but with a few tweaks like leather but the same suit, id have prefered that than that parachuter costume.

The plot holes are just astounding. Why was i supposed to root for captain america and not red skull? they had no dynamics of depth with the actual war and what red skull is even fighting for. why is he bad or wicked? just so happens to be, huh? just a cliche villain...smh come on Hollywood, give us some intelligent pieces of story telling and not these generic avengers assemble scripts..

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