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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

Obviously there's some misinterpretation of my opinion, and extremely sarcastic remarks when it does nothing...
I'm happy the Avengers movie is happening. Just in case you missed that, I did put it in the last paragraph, and I love seeing cameos in the movie. However...What's the difference between Iron Man and Iron Man 2? The set up. The first Iron Man had hints, but however, focused on the character. Iron Man 2 (which I personally enjoyed) focused more on the set up rather than the character. That's my point. I believe Thor did excellent, but it just didn't work for Cap A for me. They're all Avengers, but they have stand alone movies for a reason. It's smart that the studio is trying to show the public what's up, and it makes sense that Cap A would be the biggest market tool for it, but I guess I was hoping for another half hour to cap of just his character and redskull.

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