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Default Re: Official X-FACTOR Discussion Thread

David said that “X-Factor” #230, tying in with “Schism,” “is one of my favorite scripts I've ever turned in.” He said he enjoys the team dynamic of “people sitting around talking about what's going on,” and that the “personality-driven” tone of “Schism” fits very well with what he's doing in the series. Rahne's baby will be born soon in a story that “leads to the death of one of the team,” followed immediately by the “Schism” crossover.

David also described working with oncoming artist Leonard Kirk previously on "Supergirl" as "a highlight of my career," and described him as "an artist who you know, whatever you throw at him, he can handle it."

David was asked whether Scarlet Witch's returning Rictor's power in "Children's Crusade" and how involved he was. "Well, they called me about it and explained the story reason—it wasn't just like, 'we're doing this, suck it, David!" The change will be reflected beginning in "X-Factor" #225. He did not incorporate the shift immediately in order to avoid spoiling "Children's Crusade" in the event that miniseries ran late.

David added, "He displays his powers to Shatterstar, and the first thing he says is, 'I can't wait to show Rahne.' And Shatterstar says, 'Excuse me?'" This will complicate their relationship to a new degree.

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