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Default Re: I Believe in Harvey Dent... Three years later.

Originally Posted by Kurt Wagner View Post
2. The very next line in the script says, "The coin stops spinning, GOOD SIDE UP." This suggests that Harvey/Two-Face is alive because the coin says so. It's ambiguous in the script also.
The coin was flipped for Gordon's son.

Originally Posted by Blue Sugar View Post
In the eyes of the public Dent died a hero. It was Batman who saw himself become the villain.

Also, do you really think that they (Gordon AND the police) stuffed Harvey Dent in a room in the basement of Arkham Asylum and somehow kept that quiet? Which means that a lot more people would need to be in on 'the secret'.

Or maybe Gordon dragged Dent off and hid him until he could come back later (Harvey stayed unconscious for a long time) and take him home... maybe Harvey is locked in Gordon's basement!

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