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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

If it would be anything like how my head works when I read comics, then each character would have a theme:

The Hulk and Banner would have "The Lonely Man" (AKA the 80s theme music) as their theme (this actually isn't without precedent, since it was sampled in the 2008 score).

Iron Man and Stark would be, of course, an instrumental of Black Sabbath.

Captain America would have some sort of semi-over-the-top patriotic music, although I haven't heard the First Avenger score yet, so maybe that could take over.

etc. etc.

And I have the Avengers theme music in my head as almost a march that builds up until we have the musical equivalent of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE at which point it becomes all-out awesomeness.

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