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Default Re: (Spoilers) Did Anyone Else Find It Sad...

Originally Posted by kaijunexus View Post
I agree with all of this. However, I really felt that the last line of the film ("I had a date") wasn't allowed enough time to linger. After that line, the camera should have panned up over the city with some somber music. But instead, immediately after he says it, we jump into the credits with a rousing hero theme as if Cap had just uttered something like "I'm ready for another fight".
Originally Posted by Rogers America View Post
I completely thought the opposite. I think using the rousing march theme immediately after was PERFECT for a few reasons:

Firstly, yes the moment before was sad, but it's also a reminder of the goodness and heroism of the character.

Secondly, why should composer Alan Silvestri (whose score was FANTASTIC) who greatly added to the sadness of that scene not be allowed to have "his" moment in the spotlight?

Lastly, did you ever see The Empire Strikes Back? Last time I checked that went from being on a downer to John Williams' upbeat and rousing end credits music. That's just one example of many occasions with this occurring in past films as well.
Also taking the end teaser into account, I'm glad going into that I had a sense of happiness and not depression, and I also think it was a good move for the audience members who would have been leaving the theater on that triumphant music feeling proud.

Another example that instantly just came to mind as well, is the ending of The Great Escape.

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