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Default Re: The best Marvel Studio movie

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
For me it's

1.) TIE: Iron Man & Captain America
2.) Thor
3.) The Incredible Hulk
4.) Iron Man 2

IM & Cap left me with such completely different (but great) feelings, I honestly can't choose one over the other. If I were choosing the one that got me pumped up at the end thinking "damn that was cool," it would be IM, but if I were choosing the one that affected the most emotionally thinking "what a great hero," it would be Cap.
Perfectly expressed my opinion for me. Thank you, sir/ma'am.
After seeing Cap a second time, I honestly can't decide. Like you said, very different films, very different portrayals of a hero. Both exceptional.

If only Marvel had the balls to pay for the rights to "AMERICA F*** YEAH" to play during the credits. I'm somewhat serious.

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